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With our lesson two, you can totally dance like some black kid from the 80's! Isn't that just swell?

Lesson 2

The Moonwalk: Be like bike or something

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Walk like an Egyptian

A little background information on the lack of World peace on Earth:
The reason there is no World peace is because the world is spinning entirely in the wrong direction. This causes everyone's brains to spin in the wrong direction so that nobody is thinking rationally. This means that stupid sh*t like famine, war and all other things not peaceful are still permitted to meander their way through our existences unchecked by common man. That is such stupid sh*t.
The whole idea of the moonwalk is to trick the world into thinking that it is spinning in the wrong direction. If everybody who has the touch does the moonwalk all the time, Mother Earth will be all like, "Sh*t on a brick, I gots to turn the other way all of a sudden". Also take note that the guy who came up with this plan for World peace was some black kid from the 80's, take that racists! This will bring about peace on Earth, here's how to:

Step 1: Get into the mindset of some black kid from the 80's. This consists of thinking such things as "I can do this" and "Don't stop 'til you get enough" and like, "That girl is my sister but we're not even related!". Once you have thought these things you will truly be in mindset of a moonwalker!

Step 2: Next you have to go to take a step forward, but rather than focusing all of your weight on the ground in front of you, you have to focus it all on the moon's gravitational pull. It sounds tricky I know! But with the touch and practice makes perfect you will totally get there!

Step 3: As you walk forward, you will totally walk backwards. You must keeping doing this until you hear Mother Earth say "holy sh*t" at least once. You'll have to listen up though cause she's going deaf and talks kinda funny.

Step 4: Don't forget to celebrate World Peace with the rest of us!
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