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Be funky, be a robot. Be the robot that everyone will want to suck on your tailpipe! Come on kids its lesson 3!

Lesson 3

The Robot: Just Like as Seen on TV

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Ok here's some crazy shit right here! First of all robots do not think in words and objects and senses like us incredible humans. No they are smart enough to think of everything in only 1's and 0's! But before your inferiority complex leads you to wanton destruction of all things binary, remember that robots are here to help you, the human. They are here to administer iron tight bear hugs when you're feeling down, and you're here to teach them to cry and laugh, so everyone's a winner. Don't go fucking it up for the rest of us with your pithy prejudices just cause you can't deal with having a tiny pee-pee or whatever.

Step 1: Ok, so you're thinking in binary (that's 0's and 1's for the stupid jerks out there), but plain old binary is not enough. We need something better, something more powerful, something with the power of the touch. That's right, Funky binary, you need to imagine that those 1's and 0's you're thinking are dancing their friggen haggits off!

Step 2: Ok so there's dancing binary flowing through your veins, it may help from here to shout out some robot things like "exterminate" and "so this is love?" and like, "it's not a tumor". Once everyone in the crowd has learned how to love and cry all at once due to your brilliant impressions you will truly have the touch and be ready to strut your funky robot junk!

Step 3: Ok now here's the part that I want you to have fun with. Improvise, work with your mindset and try a little bit of everything. Pretend to lean on someone who's not even there! Though keep in mind that you must believe they are there. Pretend to be building something, pretend to dig a hole, pretend to gun everyone down. Maybe even get all subversive on their butt-holes and pretend to be a human watching TV or something! Then watch as a tear falls from their lonely eyes as they realise just how simple and stupid their lives are. Art imitating life imitating booty shakin' fun!

Step 4: Don't forget that robots are better than the rest of us!
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