Thomas Killbot (laika_lives) wrote in breakdance4love,
Thomas Killbot

breakdance with the best

Here we have the first installment in our endless series of classic breakdance moves to help y'all out.

Lesson 1

The Windmill: Turtle power

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With this move, boys can impress the girls with their newfound turtle power.
When combined with the touch, turtle power is a dangerous entity indeed. Capable of like, leaving skid marks so impressive even your older sisters friends will wanna pork your bones.

Step 1: Get up momentum by prancing around the floor, like pumping yourself way up to the sky 'til everyone in the room is just going "HOLY SH*T". Don't take this too far otherwise those skid marks may never come out, and you can start a fire and things.

Step 2: After everyone in the room has said "Holy Sh*t" at least once and you truly have the touch, slam yourself down onto the ground and get ready to harness the power of the turtle.

Step 3: Spin like a million times on your back and scream "TURTLE POWAH" at the top of your lungs so that everyone in the world will hear you and just want peace on earth at last.

Step 4: Don't forget to clean up after yourself.
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